In February 2020, Juan Carlos Marín ‘Carlitos’ and Francisco Javier Gómez de la Serna ‘Frank’, former members of Mägo de Oz, decided to create their own band. The musicians, who played with the group for more than 25 years, are continuing to enjoy their unique way of creating, feeling and interpreting music. This is how RUNA LLENA was born. Here is their story.
They two musicians contacted Joaquín Arellano ‘El Niño,’ – a long-time friend and fellow musician – who was a substitute drummer for the Mägo de Oz tour in 2006. This great artist is now part of the band – and the magic is starting to happen and FULL RUNE is taking shape.

Carlitos and Frank are clear about their style and the creative way they work together and, with the help of El Niño, they continued the search for new band members.

Several names came up and they decided to talk with two exceptional musicians – Alex ‘Tormentor’ (bassist) and Eduardo Ortiz (keyboard player). They quickly got excited about the project and agreed to join the new band. They began talking about the type of music they wanted to create, their way of working, composition, concepts, recordings and how they would tour.  And, most importantly, all the musicians agreed on who would be group’s vocalist.

The choice was unanimous – Nacho Ruiz. All these talented musicians knew it just had to be him. Nacho is a genius with one of the most forceful voices in music today. Everyone knew that Nacho was a unique talent with great technique, register and versatility. The next day they contacted him not sure how he would respond but hoping and praying that he would agree to join the new band.
Nacho had sang with Edu and El Niño many times – Edu had encouraged him to join the new band. And Nacho said yes!

Frank and Carlitos heard Nacho’s wonderful voice when he had auditioned as a vocalist for Mägo de Oz in 2011. Nacho had made the final shortlist of three incredible singers – quite an achievement. Frank and Carlitos know they have signed up an incredibly talented singer with a unique voice.

The effects of COVID-19 gave the six musicians a wonderful opportunity to reinvent themselves, change their working methods, and fine tune their use of new technologies to compose, rehearse and create magical and emotional music.

It was obvious immediately that these musicians were making a perfect connection. But there was just one instrument missing and they all knew it – the violin. They made a few calls and after a short video conference the band had made its final signing – Santiago Vokram, a wizard on the violin has joined the band.

In all the rehearsals, something magical was happening. All the musicians could feel it. Now they are playing together like old friends and the music is sensational and their magic has no limit.

RUNA LLENA are all ready to roll. And they can’t wait to entertain you.


Traducción cortesía de nuestro amigo Mike Gardner

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